Understanding the visual impact of policing

Images of the police and policing surround us in everyday life; police stations, vehicles, officers in uniform are widely present in town centres, in our communities, and on our roads. Police stations are often important parts of the local landscape, even for those who never have need to go inside. Videos and pictures of the police can be found online and on social media. From children’s dress-up toys to souvenir plastic helmets for tourists, police uniforms are widely reflected in popular culture and are routine images in everyday life.

This project will shed light on the impact of images of police on public confidence, whether these can promote trust and reassurance, and what these mean for police occupational identity. We are keen to explore public perceptions of these images of the police and to better understand how the police are understood by the public.


A Police lantern on a wall

Who we are and what we do

This project is being carried out by academics involved in police research based at Northumbria University, Edge Hill University, and The Open University (see the ‘people’ section for more information). The study is sponsored by the Economic and Social Research Council, reference ES/R011885/1

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What you will find on this website

On this website, you will find information relating to the project, including news, events, and how you can participate in the project.