4th July 2019

British Society of Criminology Conference

Today, the project team participated in the 2019 British Society of Criminology (BSC) Conference in Lincoln.

The title of our panel was called ‘Visible Policing: Exploring the Visual Culture of Contemporary Policing’. This included 3 papers, each covering different aspects of police visibility today. The first paper was by Mike, Andrew, and Matt and centred on the Visible Policing project. Andrew started by discussing the first theme in our project- police buildings. Afterwards, Mike introduced our second theme – police material culture. Matt then shared his thoughts on our third theme, police use of social media. Each of these talks broadened our understanding of what visible policing means and pointed to how we might begin to explore this in a wider sense. The second paper in our panel was by Dr Camilla De Camargo as she discussed police visibility in connection to police uniform. The final paper was by our Research Fellow on the Visible Policing project, Liam Ralph. A key aspects of this paper was on how visible policing in physical spaces connects and compared to online.  Thank you to the BSC for a great conference!