11th September 2019

Invitation to be part of important research on visible policing

We are looking for residents in Blackpool, Manchester, Leeds or Penrith to volunteer to take part in a study on police visibility. We are especially interested in your views and experiences of local police stations.

1. Your participation will involve up to 1-hour training in photographic research.

2. Following training you will be asked to take photos of police stations in your own time over a three-week period using either your own mobile phone/camera or one provided by the project.

3. You will then be asked to be interviewed (again, up to 1 hour) as we will discuss your images as well as other aspects of police visibility and police stations.

Participation in this research is entirely voluntary and anonymous.

This is an opportunity for you to inform important work on the visibility of the police in your area. If you are interested in taking part, please contact the research team via this website, by private messaging our Facebook account, or by phone on 07593130207. You can also email visiblepolicing@Northumbria.ac.uk. Please give your name, age and gender.

If you have further questions, then please get in touch.