How to participate

In this section, you will find information on how you can participate in our visible policing project.

We are looking for UK residents to take part in important research on visible policing

This is an exciting opportunity to take part in an important study on visible policing. We are looking for UK residents aged 18+ to take part in either Study A or Study B.

Study A

  1. Take photos of police stations in your own time (you will receive guidance on this)
  2. You will then be interviewed (up to 1 hour remotely online) to discuss your photos of police stations and to discuss other aspects of Visible Policing
  3. Receive a £30 Amazon voucher for taking part in Study A

Contact Prof Andrew Millie to take part in Study A by email:

Study B

  1. You will be interviewed (up to 1 hour remotely online) to discuss police-related photographs, objects, symbols, badges, flags, and social media
  2. Receive a £20 Amazon voucher for taking part in Study B

Contact Dr Liam Ralph to take part in Study B by email:

Participation in this research is voluntary and anonymous and is conducted under the terms of Northumbria University Research Ethics Policy. The study is not open to police employees. If you have further questions, then please get in touch.

Submit your photographs on visible policing

We are looking for people across the globe to participate in our study by:

  • Photographing contemporary policing. This could include (but is not limited to) buildings, vehicles, social media, toys, and other representations of the police you encounter.
  • Having the option to provide accompanying text to the photograph, stating what your photograph means to you.
  • Letting us know the location and when the photograph was taken.
  • Sending this content to the email address below.

Your photographs can:

  • Include current or former (now closed) police stations.
  • Capture the whole building or specific parts that you feel are important or interesting.

Your photographs/text must not:

  • Include any person(s) or any information relating to an individual (for example vehicle registration plates)

Additional points:

  • Your photographs and/or text may feature in any future publications or content disseminated (including a documentary film and photography exhibition) as part of the project. This will not include your name.
  • None of your personal information (including email address) will be shared or used for any other purpose. We might contact you in relation to the project, but nothing else.

If you are interested in contributing to this part of the study then please email your photographs of contemporary policing and written text to the email address below.